About the Awards

In the last four years, the Television news genre has exploded. Today there are an estimated 40 news channels competing with each other in English and Hindi alone, with still more in the pipeline. Seeing that the Indian TV news industry had no awards dedicated to itself, and realising the need to recognise and honour the professionals in the news channel business, Indiantelevision.com instituted the first News Television (NT) Awards in 2007.

This lacuna was felt by news industry professionals until Indian Television pioneered this initiative to award professionals in the news industry. Indian Television rightly instituted the awards as it is one of the very few organisations known for its unbiased stances on issues relevant to the business of television.
After the stupendous success the NT Awards 2007 enjoyed, we, at Indiantelevision.com are well on course in our mission to evolve it and make it the definitive award for the Indian news channel industry.

In its second year, the NT Awards 2008 will have 53 categories that will cover programming, personality, channel and special awards. The NT Awards will be presented to channel programmers, anchors, presenters, technicians, producers, editors, reporters and management. Importantly, the NT Awards 2008 is including a new category of awards that recognises the increasing focus global news media organisations are devoting to coverage out of India.

The NT Awards 2008 will be preceded by the Indian News Television Conference, which will be held in New Delhi at a prestigious venue.