The news television space in India is a dynamic landscape and has consistently shown growth in the recent years with over 185 channels in multiple languages and many more players awaiting permission to launch.

In 2007, Indian Television Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. constituted the News Television Awards to honour the people who make this industry what it is. The initiative met with tremendous success as 550 entries poured in from various news channels. Since then, the NT Awards have become bigger and better with awards conferred to achievers across English, Hindi, Telugu and Marathi news channels in 2011.

In all, 44 categories covering programming, personality, channel and special awards have been drawn up this year. The NT Awards will be presented to channel programmers, anchors, presenters, technicians, producers, editors, reporters and management.

The NT Awards 2012 will be preceded by the Indian News Television Conference, which will be held in New Delhi at a prestigious venue.