In most of the categories, a panel of jurors who are from within and outside broadcast news journalism will view all the entries and shortlist them to decide the nominees and the winners. Ernst & Young is the official tabulator of the NT Awards 2013.


Entries may be submitted by the channel or the producer (only if the programme is
commissioned / outsourced). Entries without appropriate company authorisation will not be accepted. Authorisation should be from the business or editorial head of the channel/production house with signature and the company seal. Each entry must have aired between 1 January 2012 and 31 December 2012.


Entry forms should be typed / handwritten in ENGLISH only. We have restricted entries to three per category from each channel. Multiple entries (limited to three) per category must be filled on a separate entry form each. However, the video for all the three entries of the same category can be recorded on a single DSR and DVD. They must be accompanied by a note clearly detailing the time code on which each entry begins and ends. Each entry on the DVD and DSR tapes cases must be labeled with the following information.

The video should be submitted in mpeg or mpg or mp4 or avi or V.O.B or DIVX or mov or Realplayer formats on DVD.

Category No:
Programme/Entry Name:
Length of cut:
Time Code:
Date of Telecast:
Company Name:
Person to be contacted:
Mobile phone number:

Entries should be sent exactly as telecast on air with all the graphics and packaging. But in cases where this is not possible, certification (from the channel head) certifying that the entry was telecast should be submitted even though the entry has no packaging or graphics. For longer duration programmes (of over half an hour) please send the entire programme and a shorter abridged edited version of six minutes detailing the highlights and giving the flavour of the programme. Both the versions should be on the same DSR or DVD.

For programmes which have been on air for a long time, you can send more than one episode of each programme for a single category, but all of these should be on the same DVD/DSR.

Each entry must be accompanied by a DETAILED NOTE (REASONS FOR ENTRY) on why the specific entry is being submitted, what makes it special, what went into its making, the circumstances under which the coverage took place (FOR PROGRAMMING AND PROMO, DESIGN & PACKAGING CATEGORY ENTRIES), why the candidate is deserving, his or her background, experience (FOR PERSONALITY CATEGORY ENTRIES).

For all personality related entries (eg. Best TV News Reporter) each entry must have FIVE full samples of the individual's work. Additionally, an introductory show reel of the individual's work of about a minutes duration can be submitted on a single DSR and DVD.

A note should accompany each parcel detailing the number of entries, the number of DVDs and DSRs, the entry description note and whatever else is being submitted with each entry. Voice-overs or narratives are permitted only if they were part of the original piece that was aired. The entries from Telugu and Marathi news channels must have English subtitles. The winners will be decided on the basis of the entries (sent in by you), judged by the jury, so please ensure that you send in your best work.

NOTE: Each entry should be accompanied by 2 copies of the related video (either on DVD and DSR or 2 DVDs)


Payment for entry fees may be made by cheque, DD or cash and must accompany the entries. A processing fee of Rs. 1000/- will be applicable for each entry. A single cheque may be submitted for multiple entries (limited to three per category). Payment must accompany the entry parcels. Kindly add Rs 100/- as cheque processing fee if the branch on which the cheque is raised is not based in Mumbai.


An entry that does not adhere to all competition rules as outlined will be disqualified. Entrants will not be notified of disqualification, nor will entry fees be refunded.


All entries become the property of the NT Awards organised by Indian Television Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. and will not be returned. Entrants are requested to keep copies of their entries. By submitting the entries, the entrants are authorizing Indian Television Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. and The NT Awards to use the content of the entries in any format whether broadcast TV (satellite, terrestrial or DTH or pay TV or FTA) or cable TV or film or radio or in print or mobile or podcast or the Internet or DVD or VCD or HD formats for the purpose of propagating and promoting The NT Awards for perpetuity for the general or specific public.