News Television Awards 2013

S.No. Description Language Winner Channel
  Anchor Entry and Introduction      
1 Business News Programme English We Mean Business NDTV Profit
2 Business News Programme Hindi Auto Expo Aaj Tak
3 Business Feature English The Assignment Bloomberg TV India
4 Business Feature Hindi Awaaz Entrepreneur CNBC Awaaz
5 Live Telecast Show(Stock Market) English Tarders 20 ET Now
6 Business Talk Show Telugu Union udget 2012 TV 9
7 Business Talk Show English Budget Day Discussion CNN - IBN
8 Investigative Feature Marathi Reportage - Usan Matrutvacha IBN Lokmat
9 Investigative Feature Telugu 40 Years Back Nellore Sisters Murder ABN- Andhra Jyothi
10 Investigative Feature English Foreign Trawlers In Indian Waters Headlines Today
11 Investigative Feature Hindi English Vinglish Sahara Samay
12 Investigative News Report Marathi Buldhana Malnutrition IBN Lokmat
13 Investigative News Report Telugu Red Sandal Smuggling TV 9
14 Investigative News Report English Sacam Of Lives News X
15 Investigative News Report Hindi Bangaladeshi Connection NDTV India
16 Crime Show Telugu Sketch Vesthe HMTV
17 Crime Show Hindi Vardaat - Mhujhe Bhulana Mat Aaj - Tak
18 Current Affairs Feature Marathi Kondane - Dam Scam Story ABP Majha
19 Current Affairs Feature Telugu Change In Ananthapur Faction Districts TV 9
20 Current Affairs Feature English Ground Zero Gujarat CNN - IBN
21 Current Affairs Feature Hindi Ayodhya Ko Kuchh Kehna Hai Aaj Tak
22 Sports News Show Marathi Khel Majha - Fight Back Yuvi ABP Majha
23 Sports News Show English Turning Point NDTV 24x7
24 Sports News Show Hindi India Pak Series - Geo Sports ABP News
25 Sports Feature Marathi Papadwala Te Mumbai Shree ABP Majha
26 Sports Feature English Contenders - Hockey Special CNN - IBN
27 Sports Feature Hindi India Maange Gold Aaj Tak
28 Auto Show English Overdrive CNBC TV-18
29 Auto Show Hindi Top Drive IBN7
30 Technology based Show English Tech Toyz CNBC TV-18
31 Show on Social/Environment Awareness / Social Development Campaign Marathi Mansoon Express - Kayal Kheti ABP Majha
32 Show on Social/Environment Awareness / Social Development Campaign Telugu Bathuku Bandi Vanitha TV
33 Show on Social/Environment Awareness / Social Development Campaign English NDTV - Toyota Greenathon 4 NDTV 24x7
34 Show on Social/Environment Awareness / Social Development Campaign Hindi Second Opinion ABP News
35 News Documentary - Limited episodes Marathi Adhik - Kashmir IBN Lokmat
36 News Documentary - Limited episodes Telugu Hyderabad Nights V6 News
37 News Documentary - Limited episodes English Ground Zero Gujarat CNN - IBN
38 News Documentary - Limited episodes Hindi Kyoki Hum Bhulate Nahi Tez
39 Entertainment News Show Marathi Dhantedhan ABP Majha
40 Entertainment News Show Telugu Panchavatharam TV 9
41 Entertainment News Show English The Big Ticket (The Yash You Didn't Know) Headlines Today
42 Entertainment News Show Hindi 2G IBN7
43 Entertainment Feature Marathi Factorychi 100 Varsh - Nandu Madhav IBN Lokmat
44 Entertainment Feature Telugu Evarigola Varidhi TV 9
45 Entertainment Feature English Music Maestros - S.D. Burman CNN - IBN
46 Entertainment Feature Hindi Jai Jawan NDTV India
47 Lifestyle & Fashion News Show Telugu Be A Star TV 9
48 Lifestyle & Fashion News Show English Will Travel For Food - Amritsar NDTV 24x7
49 Public Debate Show Marathi Ransangram Ranraginincha ABP Majha
50 Public Debate Show Telugu Ammailu Akrama Ravana Vanitha TV
51 Public Debate Show English Question Time Didi CNN - IBN
52 Public Debate Show Hindi Puchhta Hai Aaj Tak, Aakhir Kab Tak Aaj Tak
53 TV News Presenter English Rajdeep Sardesai CNN - IBN
54 Young TV Journalist(Below 24 years of age) English Sonal Mehrotra NDTV 24x7
55 Special Award for News Cinematographer English Prakasam CNN - IBN
56 Entertainment Critic Marathi Amol Parchure IBN Lokmat
57 Entertainment News Anchor Marathi Padma Shinde, Snehal Ghanekar & Prachi Shinde ABP Majha
58 Entertainment News Anchor Telugu Kishore Das TV 9
59 Entertainment News Anchor Hindi Swati Raina Aaj Tak
60 Business News Anchor Telugu K. Nagendra Sai CVR News
61 Business News Anchor English Shereen Bhan CNBC TV-18
62 Sports News Show Presenter English Nikhil Naz NDTV 24x7
63 Sports News Show Presenter Hindi Afshan Anjum NDTV India
64 Special Award for Championing the Cause of Physically Challenged   Super Idol IBN 7
65 Special Award for Contribution to News Television   Vineet Jain  
66 TV News Reporter Marathi Alka Dhupkar IBN Lokmat
67 TV News Reporter Telugu Krishna Mohan TV 9
68 TV News Reporter English Anubha Bhonsle CNN - IBN
69 TV News Reporter Hindi Sharad Sharma NDTV India
70 TV News Anchor English Barkha Dutt NDTV 24x7
71 Set Design (Actual) English Car & Bike Awards NDTV Profit
72 Set Design (Actual) Hindi Aaj Tak Aaj Tak
73 Set Design (Virtual) Telugu Eerojullo TV 1
74 Set Design (Virtual) Hindi IBN7 - Dreamz Unlimited - Budget 2012 IBN7
75 Best Use of Graphics in a Promo Marathi Factorychi 100 Varsh IBN Lokmat
76 Best Use of Graphics in a Promo Telugu Diwali Promo Mahaa News
77 Best Use of Graphics in a Promo English Olymipics 2012 - Expert Omnibus CNN - IBN
78 Best Use of Graphics in a Promo Hindi Chakravyuh Aaj Tak
79 Innovative use of Techniques/ Technology for News Graphics Telugu Election 2012 TV 9
80 Innovative use of Techniques/ Technology for News Graphics Hindi Elections NDTV India
81 Promo for a Channel Marathi ABP Majha Name Change ABP Majha
82 Promo for a Channel Telugu Balya Vivahalu - Child Marriages Vanitha TV
83 Promo for a Channel English Right To Be Heard Headlines Today
84 Promo for a Channel Hindi Barfi Salutes Aaj Tak Aaj Tak
85 Show Packaging Marathi Factorychi 100 Varsh IBN Lokmat
86 Show Packaging Telugu Spot Light V6 News
87 Show Packaging English CNBC TV-18 - Tech Toyz CNBC TV-18
88 Show Packaging Hindi Watan Ke Rakhwale NDTV India
89 Promo Campaign by a News Channel Marathi ABP Majha - Bappa Majha ABP Majha
90 Promo Campaign by a News Channel Telugu Aada Pilla Sakshi TV
91 Promo Campaign by a News Channel English Gujarat Elections Headlines Today
92 Promo Campaign by a News Channel Hindi Cricket ooh La La Aaj Tak
93 Channel Packaging of the Year English Headlines Today Headlines Today
94 Special Award for Innovation and Leadership in Apps Development   NDTV NDTV
95 Special Award for Most Extensive Social Media TV News Brand   NDTV NDTV
96 Special Award for Best News Channel Website   IBN Live CNN - IBN
97 Best-Presented Popular News Show Marathi Bhaucha Dhakka Solapur , Nagpur ABP Majha
98 Best-Presented Popular News Show Telugu Coolie Jyothi - Khandantara Khyathi HMTV
99 Best-Presented Popular News Show English The Last Word - War Crimes CNN - IBN
100 Best-Presented Popular News Show Hindi Second Opinion ABP News
101 Daily Prime Time News Show Marathi Prime Time @9 IBN Lokmat
102 Daily Prime Time News Show Telugu 7 PM - NTR Atmaghosha TV 9
103 Daily Prime Time News Show English Indian At 9 - Rajiv Gandhi Bofors Row CNN - IBN
104 Daily Prime Time News Show Hindi Dastak Aaj Tak
105 News Talk Show Marathi Marathi Big Boss ABP Majha
106 News Talk Show Telugu Encounter With Murali Krishna TV 9
107 News Talk Show English We the People NDTV 24x7
108 News Talk Show Hindi Zindagi Live - Gujarat Riots IBN7
109 TV News Presenter Marathi Dnyanada Arvind Chavan ABP Majha
110 TV News Presenter Telugu Mahalakshmi Mangal V6 News
111 TV News Presenter Hindi Sumit Awasthi Aaj Tak
112 TV News Anchor Marathi Dnyanada Arvind Chavan ABP Majha
113 TV News Anchor Telugu Yashoda Mithra V6 News
114 TV News Anchor Hindi Sweta Singh Aaj Tak